Our Vision

The LMOST Alliance works to promote quality out-of-school time programs (OST).

Our Mission

To engage organizations to increase quality out-of-school time program initiatives in schools and communities.

Our Goals

  • To be an effective voice for OSTs in efforts to expand quality programs.
  • To serve as an information source on OST programs and resources.
  • To encourage the development of quality OST systems.
  • To communicate the impact of OST programs on children, families and communities.
  • To increase understanding of the value of OST programs.

Our Work

  • To identify innovative and evidence-informed best practices through sharing of practices and research
  • To increase the capacity, knowledge and skills of community-based providers through the sharing of resources
  • To work together to become a credible voice for promotion of quality OSTs and potential policy change
  • To strengthen cross-sectorial partnerships – to maximize outcome
  • To utilize expertise and knowledge from community to support learning and well-being of young people
  • To promote understanding of the value of OST programs